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Pricing for Everyone. From inexpensive offshore development to highly effective combinations of onshore and offshore.

Dmitry Gavrilenko
Dima Bezzubenkov
Egor Garkavy
Andrew Poklyak
Denis Gvozd
Milana Kasumova
Alexey Kulba
Nikita Hripach
Suhrob Abdurakhmanov
Nurgul Akmatova
Yura Nadolsky
Aktan Rysaliev
Anastasia Bezzubenkov
Vlad Gubanov
Darya Garkavaya
Darya Gvozd
Alexander Kaminski
Andrei Mikhailouski
Ebrahim Mobarakabadi
Andrew Stanislavchik
Amantur Zhumabaev
Mansur Nasyrov
Dmitry Ignatyev
Vlad Bikmurzin

Why Us?

Cost-effective (2-3 times cheaper) teams with access to global talent (including US-based talent) and accurate estimation of every project - we don't charge for missed deadlines, bug fixing, or performance / scalability tunings. Try us 1 month for Free!

Strive to be the best at what we do

We believe that accountability is essential. We always deliver on what we promise. We have strong internal processes that allow us accurately estimate our projects. That's why we never charge for missed deadlines or bugs. And never charge for performance or scalability tunings. We deliver on time and without bugs from the first time.

Reliable Software Development Partner
Strive to be the best at what we do

Save 50-70% on Software Development

We can deliver the same results and quality for half or even one-third of the price of a typical US-based agency. With that being said, our clients work with US-based engineers.

Deliver features 2-3 times faster

Sometimes you just need to deliver products or new features as fast as possible, and software development costs are not a problem. With our help, you can hire 2-3 engineers for the price of one.

Pricing for Everyone

US-based talent

No timezone differences, no language or cultural barriers.

Global Talent

Access to a worldwide pool of engineers to fill positions faster.

You work directly with US-based talent who lead the project and travel to your office from time to time if required. But also you have access to a worldwide pool of engineers and can fill required positions much faster.

Our Testimonials and Portfolio

We have 20+ projects in our portfolio. Testimonials and references from our current and past clients are available on demand and validated by Clutch. We are one of the top agencies on Upwork with a 100% satisfaction history. But the most important - we have 1 month free trial period. Test us to see and decide for yourself if you like working with us!

Top Agnecy on Upwork
Our Testimonials and Portfolio

1-Month Free Trial

Test us for 1-month and decide for yourself! No obligations, no contracts.

Risk Free

Picking the right agency has never been so easy before. Don't guess - test!

You can work with us for 1 month and decide for yourself if our process works for you, if we deliver on our promises, and if our engineers are as strong as we say they are! Why not? We are confident in the service we provide.

Effective immediately

You can cancel at any time without a warning in advance. Just let us know if you have to cancel.

No questions asked

Priorities change. We understand that. Whatever reason you have to cancel, we will make the transition easy.

Your priorities may change anytime. We understand that and we are here to support you. Even after our 1-month Trial Period you still can cancel anytime for whatever reason you have.

IT Services

We provide full-cycle software development services. We can build a product independently with minimal client involvement and daily presentations of our progress. Or we can help to find additional support members for your team if you already have one.

Custom Web
Applications and APIs

Modern Web Applications using the latest technologies. From an idea to development and deployment of the production-ready solution.

Custom Mobile Apps

We build Native mobile apps with Swift and Kotlin and Cross-Platform mobile apps with Xamarin and React Native.

Development Services

Web 3.0, Decentralized Web and Mobile Apps, Smart Contracts, NFTs, Crypto Tokens, and DAOs - we are happy to help!

Augmented Reality

We implement complex AR solutions for Microsoft Hololens. And we also build AR mobile apps with Unity3D and ARKit / ARCore.

Big Data Consulting

We convert your raw data into direct value for your business using Data Mining and Decision Making Algorithms.

Cloud Consulting

Deployment or migration of your company infrastructure in the cloud based on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure solutions.

UX Design Services

We design products, processes, and services with the focus on User Experience: usability, branding, and functionality of the user interface.

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance specialists help to validate that the final product is stable and working as expected, and reduce overall development costs.

DApps Development Services

Do you need to access blockchain-based data from your client app?

We can help your apps access existing cryptocurrencies and NFTs, execute smart contracts, or create new tokens and NFTs.

Decentralized Apps

Decentralized Apps

We have expertise in Web Apps and Mobile Apps development using the most popular technologies available. And we have expertise in Smart Contracts development. We combine both skills to provide DApps Development Services to our clients.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts work as a decentralized backend for your DApp. We have experience building Smart Contracts on the Cardano Platform using Plutus and Marlowe. And we have built multiple smart contracts for the Ethereum Platform using Solidity.


NFTs can be used for various reasons: from digital art to decentralized identity verification and crowdfunding. Cardano and Ethereum provide an easy way to mint NFTs and can be used to build NFT-based platforms.


Some projects, especially those based on the DAO idea, may require their own governance token. Both Ethereum and Cardano allow creating your own token, which can be used for governance and other purposes.

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Check our portfolio and referrals from our current and past clients validated by Clutch.

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