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Business Analysis Services

Prevents the most expensive mistakes

The most expensive mistake that you can make in software development is to start implementing complex and expensive features that you or your users don't need or implementing them incorrectly. Business Analysts invest their time to understand your needs, map them on available IT solutions, and translate the requirements into developers' language.

Defines success of your BI Strategy

Business Analysis is the first step of every development iteration. Design, software development, quality assurance, and deployment are next. Inaccurate, technically incorrectly described requirements without enough detalization can lead to expensive mistakes on every stage of the development, which will require to redo some of the steps.

Helps to find new opportunities

Our BA have experience with multiple IT projects and have seen successful usages of existing IT solutions. Often BA professionals can help you identify hidden opportunities. For example, we may identify some applicable Big Data use case, which will help you significantly increase your bottom line and recoup costs of the development in 3 months.

Technical Specifications for your Project

The goal of business analysis is to understand your business and your task / project and translate your business requirements into technical specifications that can be estimated and implemented by developers without mistakes. If you have an idea and trying to understand the scope of work, we can help you by providing one of our BA specialists who will work with you to understand the project at hand.

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