Agile consulting aimed at the best quality and the fastest delivery.

Dev Team's Process

All the right moves in all the right places

Business Analysis and UI/UX Design

Translating business requirements into technical requirements and providing positive user experiences.

Software Architecture and Development

Front-end and Back-end implementation of easily maintainable, scalable, and production-ready solutions.

Qaulity Assurance and Automation

Manual and automated quality control: A/B, regression, unit, integration, load, performance, and other types of testing.

Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure deployment, disaster recovery policies, secured VPNs, costs containment, automated builds, etc.

Agile Done Right

For us, Agile isn't about long meetings, but about the value of a final product, accurate estimation, reliable risk management, budget optimization, and bug-free product delivery on time. With the help of correctly implemented Agile principles, we know how to manage available budgets, deliver stable products in acceptable deadlines, and, most importantly, create products that bring a lot of value.

Agile Dev Team

Features that you actually need

Probably the most expensive and dangerous mistake in software development is miscommunication between businesses and development teams. It leads to incorrect implementation of the functionality, requirements misunderstanding, and, in the worst-case scenario, to long implementation of completely useless features that don't bring any value.

Each of our projects includes business analysts, whose job is to understand your requirements, estimate development costs of the features, evaluate, with your help, if the features bring enough value to the business with respect to the costs, convert business requirements into specifications which will help developers to implement features without mistakes.

Business Analysis Services
Business Analysis Services

How do we handle deadlines and budgets?

The short answer is an accurate estimation and risk management. The long answer is a sophisticated system that helps us analyze estimation mistakes and fix them during retrospectives, adding realistic leeway in estimation. All our projects are usually faster than the initial estimate.

  • Accurate and realistic estimation of every feature
  • Detailed understanding of requirements with the help of business analysis
  • Handling of unexpected bugs and issues by support members
  • QA automation to prevent bugs in once-stable part of the app
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Project Management Services

How do we keep our projects bug free?

Unfortunately, at some point, it became a new standard for the industry to have multiple bugs in the apps. But it's not our standard. We have numerous different levels of quality assurance, which help us to keep our projects bug free.

  • Manual QA for quick quality validation
  • Developers-In-Test are responsible for QA Automation and Unit Testing
  • QA automation helps to prevent bugs in once-stable part of the app
  • Developers-In-Test help to fix previously missed bugs avoiding deadlines changes
  • Missed bugs and automation don't affect the initial estimation of the project
Quality Assurance Team
QA Outsource

What is the garant of the quality?

In our vision, quality product is a product that is easily maintainable, scalable under load, self-explanatory and well documented, built with the best available technologies and using well-known best practices.

It is vital to have at least one strong solution architect on the project, who will lay the foundation and then will be able to control quality with the help of popular quality control tools like Pull Requests and Code Reviews, Code Linters, etc.

And we continuously perform external audits of our code and infrastructure by independent professionals, just to be sure that we didn't miss anything. Crosschecks is an ideal tool to validate decisions that are being maid and get all the benefits from new ideas and the experience exchange.

Our Mixed Teams
Mixed Teams

Trending, but proven technologies

Modern software is built with the help of other software. Your product is as strong as the solutions and technologies that you rely on. New and trending technologies can help your company to achieve cutting-edge advantages over your competitors. But also, being new, they tend to be not tested in production systems, and there are not so many specialists who have enough expertise with them - it can be critical for your product.

Our answer is a balance between trending and proven technologies: we go with risky and new when it's necessary and when we have right professionals who can handle the job. And we use proven technologies in all other cases.

  • SPA Web Applications
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Based Solutions and Infrastructure
  • Big Data and Decision Making Algorithms
  • Augmented Reality Mobile and Hololens apps
Enterprise Software Development
Business Application Development

Project Management Services

There is so much more behind a good and effective development process. Company Culture, Communication, Pricing Model, Honesty, Trust and Transparency of relationships between business partners, and more and more. Contact Us to learn more about our vision and to ask any questions you may have! Also, check our Video Content and Podcast!

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