Quality Assurance Team

QA Consultants. Manual QA and Automation professionals.

We develop bug-free products with the help of a perfect balance between manual QA and QA automation.

Quality Assurance Team

Manual Quality Assurance

Manual QA team members are perfect support members who prevent developers from closing their tasks with bugs that will later hunt our projects. Acceptance, System, Regression, Smoke testing, and other types of functional testing. Security, Compatibility, Reliability, Usability, Compliance, and different kinds of non-functional testing.

Automation QA And Devs-In-Test

QA Automation is a perfect approach to prevent bugs in already tested and once stable parts of the project. Unit, Integration, and UI testing help automate the Smoke test routine as the most critical testing routines. And the most important regression testing routines as the most difficult and time consuming Manual QA routines.

Load, Performance and Stress Testing

In the most demanding cases, we may have special QA environments created for load, performance, and stress testing. Those types of testing help understand and validate the system's limits and will signal when newly added code doesn't meet minimal requirements of scalability, performance, resilience, or reliability.

Balance Between Manual QA and QA Automation

Human mistakes are unavoidable, and bugs will be missed. And automatic tests can't effectively cover 100% of the code. But both approaches ideally complement each other. Manual QA can react faster to test new features. They prevent developers from delivering broken functionality. When they do make mistakes, our developers-in-test fill the gaps without affecting the project's initial estimation. And the rest of the time, developers-in-test automate regression testing routines.

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