The best from the both worlds: Mix of Local and Offshore development

The best from the both worlds: Mix of Local and Offshore development

Mixed Teams

The perfect mix of Offshore and Onshore Outsourcing

Experience of Onshore Development

We eliminate all the issues connected with offshore development by introducing onshore members to handle all critical management and communication tasks

Implement Stable and Bug Free Solutions

We invest budget savings into Business Analysts, Manual and Automation QA specialists what would be extremely expensive in the traditional onshore model

Deliver Features To Production Faster

With this model, we can afford to hire more engineers than in the traditional domestic model and increase the speed of features delivery to production

Optimize your Development Costs

This model is more expensive than the offshore model, but it's much cheaper than the onshore model. The perfect balance between quality, price, and speed

How does it work?

Offshore Outsourcing has a couple of well-known issues: timezone differences, cultural and language barriers, potential legal issues. On the other hand, it can help you to find new talent and significantly optimize costs. We combine domestic project managers, business analysts, and team leads with Eastern Europe and Latin America based offshore to achieve the best balance between onshore and offshore development.

Mixed Teams

US-Based development office

You will be working with our US-based project managers, team-lead developers, and business analysts. This simple solution automatically resolves multiple well-known offshore development problems. Timezone differences isn't the issue anymore, since our people are available during standard US working hours. Every contact person is a native speaker. The cultural barrier is completely removed!

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Onshore Outsourcing

Eastern Europe, Latin America, Central Asia

Our offshore offices are located in multiple different time zones, which allows us to create highly personalized offers for our clients. We have the biggest part of our team located in countries of Eastern Europe. We have a small but growing team in Argentina. And we have a team in Kyrgyzstan. Choose your own balance between cost and convenience!

  • Eastern Europe and neighbours: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia
  • Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
  • Latin America: Argentina
  • We are always looking for a new talent and the list of the contruies grows all the time!
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Offshore Outsourcing

Fast and effective small teams

Our company built out of many small and effective teams with as minimum management as required. It allows us to avoid micromanagement and bureaucracy and concentrate on delivery. Our decision-making process is fast. Our specialists have experience in a broad range of technologies and can wear many hats. We are fast and effective.

Agile Consulting
Agile Consulting

Company Culture in every team

Company Culture is the main engine of our company. Our people pursue similar goals and value similar qualities. We own our work and want to do a great job. Reliability, professionalism, effective communication, caring about each other, our work, and our clients, owning our work, successes, and failures are our company's main values.

  • We love what we do and we always grow. And it results in great work.
  • Maximum effectiveness and quality results
  • Business oriented and results oriented teams.
  • Close to zero workforce turnover rate and knowledge loss
Development Partner
Software Development Partner

Transparent Pricing Model

We have a completely transparent pricing model with low margins and high investments in our people and processes. If you are really interested to know more, we are ready to share the tiniest details of our rates structure: from salaries and taxes to our expenses and profit margins.

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Transparent Pricing Model