Custom Mobile App Development

iOS and Android Development Services.

Native iOS and Android apps using Swift and Kotlin. Cross-platform app development using Xamarin or React Native.

Native and Cross Platform Mobile Apps

iOS Development Services

Development of Native iOS and watchOS apps with Swift, Xamarin, or React Native. Apple Pay integration, deployment to App Store, iOS specific UI and UX design, development, and quality assurance.

Android Development Services

Development of Native Android and Wear OS apps with Kotlin, Xamarin, or React Native. Android Pay integration, deployment to Google Play, Android-specific UI/UX design, development, and QA.

Native Kotlin and Swift Apps

Full access to the newest functionality which every platform has to offer. Best possible performance, 100% native feel and look, heavy graphics, and optimal apps sizes.

Cross Plarform App Development

Almost twice cheaper, much easier to maintain and support, and faster time-to-market. All of that with close to native performance, feel, and look.

Swift and Kotlin

Native Mobile Apps.

Swift and Kotlin Apps, for the most demanding clients.

Swift and Kotlin

Native Feel and Look

Native Apps "feel and look right". It means that in-app interaction looks and feels consistent with most of the other native apps on the same platform. The user is more likely to learn how to navigate and use the app faster.

The Best Possible Performance

Since the app is developed within a mature ecosystem following the technical and user experience guidelines of the OS, it has the advantage of the fastest possible performance. It is crucial for apps that rely on heavy graphics or calculations.

Access to all platform features

Because developers write code using native languages, they can access every available core feature in the OS. Even the newest features that are not available in cross-platform frameworks yet are available immediately.

Full Support of Third-Party Packages

Native development makes extensive use of open source technologies, which simplifies the development of the app and its testing. On the other hand, there might be some issues when integrating third-party resources with a cross-platform app.

Cross Platform App Development

One code for both platforms.

React Native and Xamarin Apps. Native apps that are cheaper and easier to support.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Xamarin Consulting

Xamarin Consulting

Xamarin is a fantastic and powerful platform for the development of native cross-platform applications. Xamarin is based on .NET Framework, so it's a great choice if you already have a dependency on .NET Framework in your system.

React Native Consulting

React Native is another excellent choice for cross-platform development. If you already have a dependency on TypeScript/JavaScript based frameworks, React Native will help you keep your stack of technologies narrow and easier to maintain.

One code for both platforms

With Cross-Platform technologies' help, we need to develop only one app that will work for both iOS and Android platforms. And it means twice cheaper, twice faster, twice easier to support. Less testing, less bug fixing, and more new features for your customers.

Close to Native Experience

Native apps are faster, have a better feel, have smaller app size. But in reality, the difference may not be as significant as you may think. Native apps can be 80% more expensive, and only 20% faster, smaller, and better looking. In the end, Cross Platform apps are native too.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality Consulting