Web 3.0 and DApps
DApps, Smart Contracts, and NFTs

Web 3.0 and DApps <br /> DApps, Smart Contracts, and NFTs

DApps Development Services

Do you need to access blockchain-based data from your client app?

We can help your apps access existing cryptocurrencies and NFTs, execute smart contracts, or create new tokens and NFTs.

Decentralized Apps

Decentralized Apps

We have expertise in Web Apps and Mobile Apps development using the most popular technologies available. And we have expertise in Smart Contracts development. We combine both skills to provide DApps Development Services to our clients.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts work as a decentralized backend for your DApp. We have experience building Smart Contracts on the Cardano Platform using Plutus and Marlowe. And we have built multiple smart contracts for the Ethereum Platform using Solidity.


NFTs can be used for various reasons: from digital art to decentralized identity verification and crowdfunding. Cardano and Ethereum provide an easy way to mint NFTs and can be used to build NFT-based platforms.


Some projects, especially those based on the DAO idea, may require their own governance token. Both Ethereum and Cardano allow creating your own token, which can be used for governance and other purposes.

Indive - Decentralized Music Streaming Service

One of our main internal products is built based on Web 3.0 and DAO ideas. It's a decentralized music streaming service that helps new artists to keep their independence and be able to fund their music with the help of their own fanbase. We also use blockchain to redistribute 90% of our Revenue to new and upcoming artists in an incorruptible and transparent manner.

Indive Music
Indive Music

Cardano Platform

Cardano is a highly decentralized platform with a massive community of people driven by a change and not the price. Ironically, that is exactly what drives the price up again and again. The community has prioritized slow-paced and careful peer-reviewed releases over a fast-to-market approach. Time has proven that even if the approach has been criticized by VCs and many developers, the platform does most things right from the beginning. It has low fees, the highest decentralization, and excellent scalability potential.

  • Smart Contracts development with Plutus and Marlowe
  • High level of decentralization and low fees
  • Altcoins and NFTS are represented by Native Tokens
  • UTXO record-keeping model
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Ethereum Platform

Ethereum Platform is an essential milestone of Web 3.0 evolution. It popularized the term 'Smart Contract' that hasn't been widely used before. It has the richest infrastructure and the best tooling in the industry at the moment. On the other hand, the platform has very high fees. It's promised that the problem will be solved in the Eth2.0 update, but the platform's popularity makes it even more challenging to migrate to the new protocol.

  • Smart Contracts development with Solidity
  • Rich ecosystem and robust development process
  • Mint Tokens and NFTs via Smart Contracts
  • Account/Balance record-keeping model
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Serverless Computing

Need to build a web app or mobile app too?

Our company has specialized in Web and Mobile Apps development for almost 10 years. We are proficient in Angular, React, and VueJS SPAs and PWAs. When it comes to mobile apps development, we use Kotlin and Swift for native mobile apps and React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin for cross-platform mobile apps development.

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