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Agile done right. We fix miscommunication, meet deadlines and budgets, and provide bug-free solutions.

Why Us?

We genuinely believe that the single most important success factor of any project is the attitude of the people who work on that project. Sure, technical expertise is crucial, and communication skills are another cornerstone of every project. But nothing matters as much as a simple sense of ownership of the project. We find the best technical expertise, communication skills, and project management flows and fuel this mix with our company culture that helps our employees really care about their projects.

Our Values and Company Culture

As a service company, we are our people. Our goal is to create a special culture that encourages and inspires our people to become the main driving force of our clients' success. We provide the best working conditions and the best available tools and select the right talent who share our values and love what we do. And that's the essential value of our company - we care about our projects because they are our own. Our people put their names on the projects, we share our profits, they are involved in daily communications, goal setting and decision-making processes!

Reliable Software Development Partner

Mixed Teams

Offshore development can provide significant cost savings. At the same time, it can bring a couple of well-known issues: timezone difference, language, and cultural barrier, expensive miscommunication issues, legal issues. Our "Mixed" Approach is a methodology that we developed to bring the best of both worlds together and fix every possible outsourcing issue with a combination of onshore and offshore approaches.

Onshore, Offshore and even In-House

Some of our clients prefer 100% domestic teams with locally-based developers. Others prefer 100% offshore teams to maximize their savings. We provide different packages based on our clients' needs. And we also help open In-House offshore offices in Eastern Europe to our clients who prefer In-House development instead of outsourcing: we help you with hiring and optimal legal structure, and you manage your new team.

Mixed Teams

We offer consulting in a couple of different forms: free private consulting one-on-one with our CEO and continuous consulting in the form of our community. Join our community and ask whatever questions you have by direct message. We are answering all of them!

Private Consulting

One on one offline or online meeting where you can ask any questions you have related to your software project or connect with us and stay in touch for potential future collaboration.

Our Community

Join us in our YouTube vlog, Podcast, and Social Media! You are free to ask any questions you have. We answer them in Direct Messages or as a new episode of our vlog and Podcast.

Dev Team's Process

Our process is built on Agile and employs a proven set of technologies, tools, and project management methodologies. Every element of the process is intended to prevent one of the well-known software development issues. We accurately estimate project costs and meet deadlines, prevent miscommunication and implementation of unnecessary and useless features, and build stable and bug-free software. And we are free to modify the scope of work and deploy new features to production at any time when required.

Project Management Services

We are 100% confident in the service we provide. And like every good product, our service has a risk free trial period. If you are not satisfied with our work during the first 2 weeks, you are entirely free of charge! You pay only if you decide to stay with us long term.

Risk Free Trial

You have a chance to validate our work for the first 2 weeks. If you decide to stay with us by the end of the period, we will send you the invoice for the first 2 weeks. Otherwise, it's free!

Other Offers

We offer a couple of other discounts and loyalty programs from time to time. Consider checking our Offers page and subscribe to updates to see what exactly we are offering at the moment!

IT Services

For the 5 years of our existence, we have delivered multiple financially successful solutions and MVPs. The company of our size can be effectively managed just by a couple of people. It helps us avoid any kind of micromanagement and do exactly what we are hired for: deliver high quality and stable solutions much faster than bigger companies can do.

Custom Web Applications

Modern Web Applications using the latest technologies. From an idea to development and deployment of the production-ready solution.

Custom Mobile Apps

We build Native mobile apps with Swift and Kotlin and Cross-Platform mobile apps with Xamarin and React Native.

DApps Development Services

Web 3.0, Decentralized Web and Mobile Apps, Smart Contracts, NFTs, Crypto Tokens, and DAOs - we are happy to help!

Augmented Reality Services

We implement complex AR solutions for Microsoft Hololens. And we also build AR mobile apps with Unity3D and ARKit / ARCore.

Big Data Consulting

We convert your raw data into direct value for your business using Data Mining and Decision Making Algorithms.

Cloud Consulting

Deployment or migration of your company infrastructure in the cloud based on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure solutions.

UX Design Services

We design products, processes, and services with the focus on User Experience: usability, branding, and functionality of the user interface.

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance specialists help to validate that the final product is stable and working as expected, and reduce overall development costs.

DApps Development Services

Integrate your client app and blockchain-based backend.

We can help you provide access for your users directly from your app to cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and NFTs.

Decentralized Apps

Decentralized Apps

We have expertise in Web Apps and Mobile Apps development using the most popular technologies available. And we have expertise in Smart Contracts development. We combine both skills to provide DApps Development Services to our clients.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts work as a decentralized backend for your DApp. We have experience building Smart Contracts on the Cardano Platform using Plutus and Marlowe. And we have built multiple smart contracts for the Ethereum Platform using Solidity.


NFTs can be used for various reasons: from digital art to decentralized identity verification and crowdfunding. Cardano and Ethereum provide an easy way to mint NFTs and can be used to build NFT-based platforms.


Some projects, especially those based on the DAO idea, may require their own governance token. Both Ethereum and Cardano allow creating your own token, which can be used for governance and other purposes.

Augmented Reality Services

There are many successful commercial Hololens apps, and even more successful mobile AR apps already. But in general, AR Projects are still new and quite often risky. Yet we are excited about everything related to Augmented Reality and want to dig deep into that new IT direction. To grab as many AR projects as we only can on a market where AR projects are still rare, we significantly reduce our AR development prices and work on a break-even point!


Mobile Applications

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps have a higher chance to reach a broader target audience and created for "now". We use Unity3D to develop cross-platform apps for iOS and Android.


Microsoft Hololens

Complex enterprise Hololens apps are intended to change the way how businesses interact with data by providing a completely new user experience never existed before.


Web 3.0 and Crypto world

Heavily discounted prices for crypto projects

Web 3.0 and Crypto world

Risk Free Trial

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Risk Free Trial

On The Bench

Discounted Prices For Devs Without Projects

On The Bench

On The Bench

Discounted Prices For Devs Without Projects

Web 3.0 and Crypto world

Heavily discounted prices for crypto projects

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