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Web 3.0 and Crypto world

Future on the Blockchain

We believe that Blockchain technology has changed the world forever. DeFi, Smart Contracts, NFTs, DAOs, Web 3.0, and DApps - we are heavily invested in being one of the first companies working with Blockchain-based solutions. We are happy to help build the future on the Blockchain and be a part of this global change.

Discounted prices

Our goal is a deep dive into as many blockchain-based projects as we only can. We provide huge discounts for these types of projects. The discounts help us quickly find many clients and expand our expertise in the Web 3.0 and DApps fields. We also work on our own startup in the DApps world and will be happy to share all our knowledge and experience with you!


At the moment, Cardano is our favorite chain. Yes, it moves slowly. But we think this slow approach is required for such complex and new concepts like DeFi and Web 3.0. And the fact that members of the Cardano community, one of the biggest crypto communities out there, support this slow approach means that the community is driven not only by profits but also by the common goal.


Ethereum is one of the first projects introducing DApps to the Blockchain ecosystem. As the oldest, it has the best tooling, the biggest community, much love from retail and institutional investors, and many more! It also has its scalability issues, but it is promised that Ethereum 2.0 will be able to fix the issues. It's a great chain with promising infrastructure and tooling.