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Whenever we have a chance, we come up with some new proposals, discounts, and ideas! Check this page from time to time, and you may catch some interesting offers, or just consider subscribe, and you will receive email notifications from us every time when the list of our offers changes.

On The Bench

What is "On the Bench"?

When one of our projects finishes, we have to find a new project in the shortest possible timeframe. Developers, who are temporary without a project, are 'On the Bench'. Just like in sport. We are ready to provide significant discounts on our services for some limited period of time when we have someone on the bench.


We provide 20% discounts on our developers' rates for the first 3 months of their work. Even if your project is done in a shorter time, we still provide the discount - the offer doesn't require you to hire our guys for longer than 3 months contracts. It's a win-win situation for both sides.

What's after?

The described discount is only effective in the first 3 months of the service. For the 4th and every next month, you will have to pay a full price. If your project has finished faster than in 3 months - congratulations! You also help us a lot too because those discounts are still much better than nothing.